What We Do

We are fee-only advisors who design portfolios for an ever-changing economy. We believe in diversifying our client’s investments across multiple asset classes, while actively managing risk using our proprietary BCM Market Risk Model™. This approach, coupled with attentive financial planning, is the heartbeat of what we do. Our objective is to construct portfolios that achieve competitive returns over complete economic and financial cycles and to provide planning services for the changing lifecycles of our clients.

Investment Management

Our approach to investing differs from most investment managers. It is not based on what happened last quarter or last year. Rather, 30+ years of extensive research and experience has allowed us to develop a sound and disciplined approach than can stand the test of time… Read More

Financial Planning

Whatever your stage in life, taking a thorough look into how you will realize your goals and objectives will greatly increase your probability of success and bring peace of mind to you and your family. That’s where we come in. We work as a team to develop a sound plan so you are free to focus on the important areas of life…. Read More