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What’s in a Benchmark?

by Montgomery Gossen on December 19, 2019 The Goals-Based Planner

Too often, market benchmarks may be an inappropriate measure of your portfolio returns.


When the Dust Settles: How to Have Confidence to Make the Right Financial Decisions

by Montgomery Gossen on November 5, 2019 The Goals-Based Planner

What solution provides the highest rate of return commensurate with the lowest amount of risk?


How to Retire with a (Potential) Looming Recession

by Montgomery Gossen on September 17, 2019 The Goals-Based Planner

Consider these tips to keep your retirement goals in check and suppress your pre-recession jitters


Do You Have the Right Life Insurance?

by Montgomery Gossen on July 9, 2019 The Goals-Based Planner

Too often, permanent life insurance (also called whole life or universal life) is proposed as the best solution without giving any thought to first evaluating what your life insurance needs are


Should I Delay Claiming My Social Security Benefits?

by Montgomery Gossen on June 19, 2019 The Goals-Based Planner

Should I claim my Social Security benefits now or should I wait until age 70?


Are You a Goals-Based Investor?

by Montgomery Gossen on April 9, 2019 The Goals-Based Planner

By identifying a tangible goal that means something to us, this will only increase the probability of successfully funding that goal because we put more “emotional stock” into something we can relate to versus some arbitrary number.