Lagniappe – Just a little bit extra!

by George Holland on October 2, 2018 The All-Weather Investor

la·gniappe (noun) something given as a bonus or extra gift. Although we would not define the information below as a “gift” we do hope that these brief reminders shed some light on often overlooked or forgotten items many of our clients have on their to-do list.


The Power of Habit

by Erin McMenemon on September 25, 2018 The All-Weather Investor

Expanding our content allows people to write about a wider range of topics like financial planning, current events, human behavior, and individual interests. This piece below is an example of this wider scope and is a book review from one of our Investment Advisors, Erin McMenemon. I hope you enjoy it and let us know if there is something you would like to hear more about.


Don’t Peek

by Bo Billeaud on September 18, 2018 The All-Weather Investor

Quick, without looking, what happened (financially) on August 6, 2011? No one today seems to remember. But judging by the news coverage at that time, you might have thought that the end of the financial world was at hand…


We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Bonds – Revisited

by George Holland on September 11, 2018 The All-Weather Investor

Considering the recent price declines in bonds due to rising interest rates, we thought this would be a good time to revisit the subject. We know this is a lot of info to digest, but it is important for us that you know some of the why behind what we are doing.


Then There’s that Economy Thing…

by Bo Billeaud on August 29, 2018 The All-Weather Investor

It’s been said that business expansions do not die of old age. Rather, they are typically (and inadvertently) murdered by an overactive Fed. Since interest rates bottomed in 2015, the Fed has moved to raise rates six times. Furthermore, they have publicly stated that there are likely two more rounds of increases scheduled for this year.


New Performance Link on Website

by Bo Billeaud on June 22, 2018 The All-Weather Investor

We added two new performance-related links to our website and believe they may be useful in understanding and tracking how we manage our client portfolios.


Performance Part I: Putting it into Perspective

by Bo Billeaud on June 14, 2018 The All-Weather Investor

As we think about performance, there is one thing that stands out to us: It is often misunderstood. So, we decided to say a few things about performance starting with this blog post and continuing in our upcoming quarterly letter due out in early July.


About that BCM Market Risk Model – Part 2

by Bo Billeaud on May 10, 2018 The All-Weather Investor

Regarding last week’s blog discussing our Market Risk Model, we have been asked, “what happens when the model changes to a “high-risk” outlook”?


About That BCM Market Risk Model

by Bo Billeaud on May 7, 2018 The All-Weather Investor

It is well accepted that no one can both consistently and accurately forecast the stock market. The key word is forecast. That’s not to say that any given “guru” cannot get it right, at least once. Many have, and others certainly will. But, so far, the vast majority have all turned out to be one-hit wonders.


Fees, What Fees?

by Erin McMenemon on May 21, 2018 The All-Weather Investor

You may have heard stories in the news about “hidden” fees charged by advisors, brokers, and digital trading platforms. Because fees can erode an investor’s return over time, we thought it would be interesting to comment on this. To help, we will use a study by Personal Capital which came out last year highlighting some of the “hidden fees” charged to investors.